Counselling in Chichester &
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Couple Counselling and Relationship Therapy

Many couples are very good at managing difficult situations with partners. Perhaps that is not surprising. If two people spend much time in each other’s company disagreements are bound to occur from time to time. Almost without realising it we can gradually become skilled at managing our partner’s angst.

Yet sometimes the usual way of resolving tension fails to work. The argument persists. A gap starts to develop. Perhaps there is a sense of being ignored, of being taken for granted. Occasionally the hurt may be too deep to heal or the anger too loud to be contained. These are the occasions when couple counselling may be an option to consider. 

Relationship therapy can provide a way forward when all other avenues seem blocked. A relationship therapist will not take sides. A couple counsellor will not tell either partner what to do. But the counsellor can create a space which will allow things to be said and emotions to be explored safely. The therapist can also help couples look together at different ways of being and interacting.

But couple work comes with a health warning.  Couple counselling can help two people to strengthen their relationship and move forward together but sometimes the opposite may occur. 

I always discuss these ideas with couples at an initial informal meeting before any commitment is made to further work. If you would like to meet with me in Chichester to discuss whether couple counselling could be helpful for you and your partner please contact me and we can arrange to meet.

This video which was produced at my previous office in Hampshire also provides a further insight into this work.