Counselling in Chichester & Bognor Regis, West Sussex


What I really meant to say was……….

I was recently reminded that communication with others can sometimes be a complex affair.  I had been asked for a copy ...

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Existential Work – Anxiety States

My last blog considered some initial ideas on existential thinking and how this can feed through into counselling ...

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Counselling and Therapy – Does the method matter!

When a client makes initial contact my usual response is to suggest an informal discussion here in central Chichester. ...

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Loss and bereavement – how should I be feeling by now?

“Given the time that has gone by, is my reaction normal?” “After what has happened how should I be ...

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Counselling and Stress – A Sussex Solution

Stress is often cited as one of the big challenges of life today. It is regarded as a modern plague adversely impacting ...

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Existential Moments in Counselling

Counselling and therapy work can often present two very different faces.  The first is essentially one of problem ...

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